VizieR help - FAQ - Tutorial

The Catalogue Selection Page shows a list of catalogues and/or tables. Remember that a catalogue is made of one or several tables.

You have two possibilities to choose your table(s):

  1. to select a single table: just click on the table designation (the black link into the second column)

  2. to select several (but not too many!) tables: check the box in front of each desired item and push
    • either any of the Query selected Catalogues buttons if you are sure that all tables of the checked catalogues are of interest
    • or any of the Show selected Catalogues buttons to show all tables of the checked catalogues to permit an accurate selection of the interesting tables.

The folowing page will be displayed:

You have two possibilities to validate your tables choice

  1. click on Query selected Tables
  2. click on Join selected Tables. In that case the join option will be set by default (see join documentation).

last update: 13 Feb 10:18